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About Me

I have long since held a passion for working and having a space for showcasing my creations. Since, high school, thus, writing has been a passionate endeavor, and the only lack is, the presence of a medium to transmit my though to the community.

In the wondrous world that is globally connected today, the best platform for sharing is without a doubt here online. Thus, this platform was born in this endeavor, where I connect myself to the people in this global community, and where I can showcase my work and life.

I primarily plan to use this space to churn out content that I want you all to read, and also, regular posts about things that happen around the world and my views on them. I also intend to use this platform as a means to connect to people professionally as well.

A bit about me (Hey!),

I am Kaushik, currently an undergraduate student pursuing a law degree in India.

I have varied interests, ranging from writing to reading, and to a pursuit of learning the way which fits me best.

One day I hope to write my first book, (fingers crossed), and become a writer ahead of both fiction and non-fiction!

Hope to see you often here!

You can reach me at:

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Kaushik Das

Founder, Owner, Writer and Illustrator

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