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About S.E.A.R.s Initiative

Started by our Founder And Director Kaushik Das, S.E.A.R.s. Initiative is a non-partisan, research think tank and social consultancy that work in diverse fields. It operates on furthering the pursuit of delivering social and political changes towards actionable action items that help to build trajectories that change social dynamics for the better. 

The team is involved in various research projects and delves in-depth into the nuanced study and analysis of these fields. From these research perspectives, the projects work towards publishing documentation and reports that create value in these respective areas' ecosystems. 

The team at S.E.A.R.s is led by a group of like-minded, yet divergent individuals that work best towards the exchange of ideas and information retrieval which attunes to and extends to the benefit of the projects. 

If the same interests you, do reach out to the careers page at their website and check the Projects websites out for more detailed information about their work, their policies, their future projects and how you can also be involved, in creating a change today!

We hope to engage with you and deliver value to you.

You can reach us at:

Our website can be found here.

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Kaushik Das

Founder, Owner, Illustrator and Writer

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