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2nd DRC PD, 23rd to 25th July 2021

Well debating is something that I always do as to gain a platform to learn, to engage and to gain something out of.

The tournaments I do nowadays definitely give me a huge sense of fulfillment of engaging with some brilliant minds, talking to some stalwarts who I am sure will be into various fulcrum around the world and gain recognition in their respect areas. Also these platforms, especially online debate tournaments give you an opportunity to connect and know so many people and people you to make great friends and reconnect with people you meet in these fields too.

Diversity is another key measure and metric that you get in competing in these events. People from all walks of lives and from various backgrounds and subjects they pursue, intermingle grow and feed of each other. It is truly wonderful to be able to and be priviledged to participate in these tournaments.

Coming closely a bit after a special day for me, DRC PD was a tournament I was doing after taking a short break from June. Regardless, it was a pleasure. Though there were some unforeseen circumstances throughout the tournament it was a great festering event.

This time I was an Adjudicator for the tournament. After the conclusion of the In-Rounds, I was glad that I broke (Qualified to judge) into the out-rounds. Also with extreme pleasure I am happy to say I have been adjudged as the 3rd Best Adjudicator in the tournament.

That concludes the short diary of the event, and here's looking forward to the next journey at the next tournament, and to new friends and experiences. :)

If you participate in debate tournaments, or were there at the DRC PD, feel free to reach out or comment below!

As always, until next time.


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