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A windy start

I'm quite aloof and missing most of the times from this space. Even with some great ideas that I do come up with I cant put time down to keep updating the space regularly. Sadly that should not be the case and should be changed. Hopefully it will be better as I get more adaptive towards doing this.

What do I say, its been weird past couple of weeks of extreme highs and burnout lows. With my trip to Delhi (more blogs on that later!) And with the way that health and family dynamics have affected me it's been topsy turvy.

As I sit here writing this down, in greeted by light breezes, cold narrative, as they come in cyclone states. Yup, its cyclone clobbering time again out here it's been scarily raining since the morning and the sheer amount of wind going through since yesterday night has been weird.

Yet its enjoyable in it's own light. Mother nature blight is egregious and shattering yet it also has plenty of pleasures and conjectures beyond it. Occurrences more so with the climate problem and the narratives within then and more so towards our distasteful actions at times to go beyond.

Yet all that is in itself an extrinsic debate, for another day

With this quick checkin what I guess I'm signaling is my intent to get back here and out in the hours so as to get the most done out of my day and highlight some experiences, insights, stories and thoughts to you more frequently as and when they come by. Maybe within my ambitious target at some point or stage the readership of this space will improve and there's more to say and do!

Till next time,



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