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Forever In My Heart

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A Poem

It Sometimes sits heavy on my mind

Of not so distant a very pleasant time

Fruitful memories abound

Such a time it all used to be

The emptiness of my unending space

Somehow seemed filled with your grace

Picking me up and placing me high

To let all my morbid fears run dry

Those where truly momentous times

Yet, even then their where times in which

The sky and heavens faced a rift

The lightning strikes

The eerie calm

Aft storms all which did exist only precursor to a new-found bliss

Sometimes darkness used to come over me

You shone so bright then and overpowered me

With a sense of confidence and radiance without no seams

That very smile of yours melted all my fears

Imbibing me with confidence I had not seen

Now all that time is in the past yet vivid in all my memory

The joys I had

The supreme bliss

Forever will it remain etched

In an unforgotten yet hard fought and suppressed

Corner which will never cease

I was yours

You used to be mine

And henceforth in heart and mind

Forever be a part of you etched

And till death will you not cease to exist.

Kaushik Das

11th of November 2017


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