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Friendship Day

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Friendships are truly significant. They are some of the early and longest bonds that we create throughout our life and definitely something that we can fathom, build and foster. Something of choice, something of pure character. Each and every one of us had at some point thus rejoiced at the concept of a friend. At the beauty of close friendships, that care, sharing and bond that exuberant and exacerbates.

Some of us have those right knit units of close friends and some have wider circles. Some prefer company of the quite whereas some prefer the spring of voice. There is something between each of the people we connect and make bonds with.

But then again what is friendship? Defining that would be arduous and honestly a concern for some other day, one which I might endeavor to take out sometime in the future. Yet, in brief, they are connections, they are the stasis and place in each of us and between each of us. Some elements I can swear will be with your partners and some facets with your family. Friendship is a subset and a superset. We just rejoice in its bountiful revels.

To each and everyone of you, and to each and every one of my friends, a very happy friendship day.

I might have some more contents on some thoughts I really feel like scribbling down here soon. Maybe a bit about my friendships, and the blessings and joy they bring and what they have meant to me, and of course the abundance is also intertwined with acceptance of sometimes the inevitable. More on that later.

Ciao, for now.


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