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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I wish that this could come at a different time, and from a safer, more calmer situation globally.

Still, today the world is faced with an unprecedented situation, which has been unheard of in recent decades. The global shutdowns, and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues. A sad time for the thousands who have since suffered grievously and passed on from the onslaught of the virus, with millions more being infected. Solidarity and support to the mechanisms in place is required in these testing time, as well as grit, and patience.

The news which we receive on a daily basis is filled with gloom, and we are forced to stay home and figure out the path that lies ahead.

I am not unscathed from this, being a student, I am faced with the uncertainty in my course work at university, and have since been holed up in my home.

Even considering all this, there is this silver lining for me in this time of isolation, wherein I can finally say that my dream of long, of opening a blog as well as a website is finally a reality. With patience and perseverance, I hope this can grow to heights which I have since only dreamed of.

I take this opportunity thus to welcome you all here, and to wish for your good health and safety.

I will be updating this space constantly, and also, as to my capacity for helping my community, I hope that anyone suffering from loneliness or any issues, cab freely reach out to me through this platform, for having someone to talk to and possibly, someone I can help tide through this situation.

Stay well. Stay Safe.




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