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It's been a while



Hope you all are doing well in the inevitable situations that the world has been thrown into.

It is really odd isn't considering that this blog was such a new endeavor that I started slacking off already :P

Well honestly, it has been a hard couple of months for me personally, some new idea or the other always did come up when I thought about continuing to write here, but it has been such a pensive and hard phase with unusual work timings, workload amongst other issues, that posting has become thrown to the back end of the list.

However, the minuscule amount that I did post, I tried to incorporate as much effort as I possibly could.

The "In-Conversation" series started, and it has since then been updated a bit. A lot more is to come still from that platform, and a lot more engagement from my daily or at least thrice a week blog structure should be coming up soon.

My readership at this point in time may be small, but I definitely cherish each and every reader, and each and every person, engaging with me in social media and also helping me on my journey here.

Here's to seeing you all more often, and to an engaging and wonderful journey ahead.

Do feel free to check out the pages, I have worked a bit on updating the different menus and their contents, and you can also interact with me on the forum.

Warm Regards,


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