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It's been quite long!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

So, hows everyone holding up now?

The pandemic is still not quite over yet, I'm not even sure I can tell where we are now is currently the halfway mark. It keeps dragging on, and the condition globally is in limbo. With this negative atmosphere hanging like a veil around it is apt to say that each of us has had to create new norms to tackle all the problems coming up before us.

On a more personal note, I have been occupied with an unending stream of work or classes, and it has been eerie to adapt to the new work atmosphere. Even as a student adapting to online learning and other forms of distance education, it has not been the easiest of transitions as it was not smooth, rather a sudden upheaval into the new system.

Still, we can only look forward to positives in this unsettling period. It is undoubtedly hard for many of us. The current news which most of us have seen, including the sad demise of many prized and unforgettable people of the past decades. Persons who we grew up watching, admiring and learning from. These situations around the world have thrown a greater spotlight on many issues that need to be addressed. The protests in America over the killing of a black man by unjustified, and brutal police action, directly in contravention to the law, as well as instances of trauma and mental agony in our peers. These incidents are heart-wrenching and also give us a jolt as to the reality in lots of social and communal spheres around us.

Still often we can see that these movements die down, no real change is unearthed. To this effect, it is time that we remove superfluousness and ensure that a positive progressive step is taken towards the beautification and togetherness of all, irrespective of their status, or labels which we have concocted as a human race, vying for a deep divide in throngs of our history. We need to engineer social change, yet also maintain dignity and humanism. We need to ensure respect, while also stopping disrespect (it is a two-way ball game). That being said, I will write more about this some other time, this post is too short to give justice to what is demanded of such a topic.

Secondly, as extremely prudent and made prone by the situation today mental health is one of the most silent yet prevalent challenges that we have today. Many social stigmas and challenges continue to remain on this issue. There has been little done to rectify it, and more done to drag it into the depths of a canal to not be seen ion society. It has been made an acceptable fact that suffering from mental anguish is degradable and contact with these individuals is shunned. What have we come to today then? Are we as a people united, or ensuring further division hatred and fall? Whether we realize it or not we create cyclical reactions from our actions and attitudes to things around us as well as the environment and matters we interact with. It is important too, therefore, be holistic and kind about these heads. Yet again though, I'll touch on this more later, as I feel it would be an injustice on my end to end it in brief.

This post was initially one to signal a reentry of sorts to writing in this space. There are many topics that have now come up which need to be highlighted. I definitely will do the same soon!

Till then it's glad to be back, and its a pleasure to get a platform and chance to interact with you all again!

Till next time.





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