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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Haven't we all felt the occasional panic and anxiousness over upcoming submissions and examinations?

Life's not so different for the thousands of students who are studying in colleges and universities with an aim in pursuing a career in law across the hundreds of private and public law schools around the world.

Acceptingly, being a law student, I have had the first-hand experience with many instances which have led to stress and have also seen many ways in which people deal with them.

This is not just a phenomenon static to a single individual though. It is true, that some may be more affected than others but after discussions with so many peers and mates, I can come to a safe conclusion that this is something which affects us all (you're not alone. . . ).

Law as a subject is vast, with boundaries unsighted and with changes happening from the interplay of politics and other dynamics frequently.

To study it is an art in itself. Of course, strenuous too. There may be unique causes of stress and anxiety in a student's life. Yet, if to be put in broad categories stress occurs due to a unique combination of multiple factors. Including,

                1. Your curriculum (Duh . . )

                2. Your peers.

                3. Your immediate surroundings.

                4. Maybe the people around you.

                5. Instances in your life on campus, amongst others.

Well, a combination of one or many of the above factors together can lead to a very unsatisfactory experience when you are going through the rigors of your law school life.

Sure, we have all been prone to panic attacks and anxiousness, but as a practicing lawyer, and professions the rigors post your degree will be as strenuous or even more so than what you face at law school. Therefore, analyzing your innate stress points and working on building efficient ways to manage workloads, and in turn stresses and anxiety while studying boosts your abilities at a much younger age itself.

There are many ways in which you could maintain a balance between your work life and your personal life as well. To enable you to do so you should firstly focus on identifying your key stress points.

Once you identify the root cause of your stress it then becomes easier to develop mechanisms to counter it.

Confused right?

Don't worry! I got your back.

Stay tuned for my next post where I discuss the ways I used to identify stressors and how I deal with them!


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