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MukMem' 2021 (St. Stephen's)


So one of the many things that I enjoy doing is debating. I was opened to this wonderful world in the first year of college here at National Law University Odisha, which has since in my three years here been a journey from one end of the spectrum to the other. From being a speaker. to being an adjudicator, I've tried my hand at both. After a dearth of say, a year or so from my tournaments in the first year, I slowly started getting back into the fold at the start of my third year.

One of the more successful outings after starting was the competition organized by St. Stephen's college. It is one of the oldest debating tournaments in the country, spanning decades. This time around I was participating as an adjudicator, and it was one of my few breaks as an adjudicator in a tournament. The tournament was conducted from 9th April to 11th April 2021. The last out round I adjudicated was as a Chair in the Quarterfinal.

Great experience, great tournament and a ton of valuable experience!

On to the next one :)



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