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Musings Of A Law Student At Home

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Don’t we all just hate the time we have, staring into blank walls, unable to meet, and our academic and professional lives all thrown into a big cauldron to boil?

We are all sitting here brooding over lost time and lost opportunities are something that I believe everyone is facing currently, and definitely something which we are not able to avoid with even the hundreds of distractions brought before us.

As a student, and as a prospective student (don’t worry guys, you guys will all get into colleges if you are currently facing uncertainty . . . !) everyone has time on their hands which most won't know what to do with productively, or whereas in which some may start to go astray, considering the void, and complete lack of direction we are facing.

Rather than avoiding the Lockdown, which is in itself unsafe, and not an option, we are left to deal with each passing day, where time melds into a continuous stream, with days, and nights on repeated seemingly unending repetitive cycles.

For me personally it has also been a trying time. There are a lot of stressors that are present during the duration of this lockdown. In light of which elements even a bit unbalanced has been able to ruin my drive to work and carry on as usual as well.

For the large part of my relaxation, I am reliant on watching shows and doing activities which I seldom had time for while college was on. Relaxation and all is fine, yet it seems monotonous to do the repetitive action each passing day.

This time though has proven to be beneficial in a certain sense as well, some productive work, like completing my blog, cooking once in a while, drawing and writing, and of course reading as well, has started to re-enter my life, which is something I can only akin to being a boon.

Well that’s enough about me;

Now discussing a bit more about what all we can do;

For the readers, who love exploring books, and the hidden bibliophile who has lost their touch with their books, this is the best time to re-invent and reexplore that passions which were deeply lost in the hard, pressure-charged life of university-level pressure-filled academic studies or the pressure filled atmosphere of board examinations.

For the people who are movie fanatics, it’s a great time to rewatch that thriller, to explore those channels, for that one movie on your bucket list which you hadn’t watched yet.

There is so much more to do. From exploring hobbies to playing the instruments, drawing caricatures, and landscapes, to still life photography of backgrounds. There is some possibility of relaxation for everyone to distract their minds from the monotonous nature of time.

For the ones with pets, and the ones with families around them, it can be an excellent time for long relaxing conversations and exploration of different avenues and activities with your families. Those extra cuddles and admiration of your pets also help a lot!

All this is great for relaxation.

Many of you would now ask, what about work?

Well, there is a multitude of options to enhance your knowledge on various media provisions, including online courses, from platforms like Coursera, and EdX with an excellent selection of courses from top universities across the world.

There are other options to explore while you seek to learn. For many students, schools and universities have started exploring digital delivery options for courses, and the same has been implemented in many places too.

There are also some non-traditional sources to increase knowledge about world affairs. You can download the Google Podcasts App or its Apple counterpart, to listen to one from the thousands of podcasts available online. Many of the podcast streams have informative content with deeper reach and understanding of many subject areas wherein you would find people discussing these topics vividly. Some of the podcasts which I listen to on Google Podcasts include the ‘TED Radio Hour’, ‘Bloomberg Law’ for the ones with inclination to learn about legal affairs, and some others like ‘Global News Podcast – BBC’, or the ‘Al Jazeera – Your World’ channels, where interesting documentaries and pieces are discussed.

The advent of the internet has led to an excellent treasure trove of connectivity options and opportunities to work and explore different options.

Hopefully, you also will find something to your liking online!

Lastly, as a humble request to my reader, it is impertinent that we follow all norms and guidelines which the government is issuing, and practice all the restrictions as far as possible. This, in turn, helps prevent the overburden to our healthcare systems and keeps our health care workers safe, as well as all those working in the frontlines, but most importantly it will help stem the outbreak of COVID-19 in the place of your residence to uncontrollable levels.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!

Disclaimer: All rights to the intellectual property of the contents of this blog and content appearing on it from other platforms, belong to their respective owners and to no regard, is the same infringed upon this publication. All rights hence stand reserved with the respective owners, and any reproduction of the same is in violation of their intellectual property rights.

The blog also does not endorse opinions, viewpoints, comments, or quotations appearing from parties interviewed, spoken to, or quoted as its own. Therein, any liability to be associated with such publications is not accrued to the author of the blog, but rather to the respective parties whose, opinions, views, or comments, are published and are respectively mentioned in the blog to be of the party so speaking it.

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