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NTU Pre-World's 2021

A bit late but nonetheless, a brief update on the NTU-Pre Worlds 2021, held over 4th to 5th June 2021.

This tournament was unique in the sense that it was an international tournament and gave me brilliant exposure to some of the best teams around that let me assess and put into metrics where even I needed to head in the debating world. From the first to the last round participating in this tournament as a speaker was brilliant exposure and inculcated within me the drive to learn and motivated me to perform further.

Being one of my few speaking engagement in international tournaments we applied into the Novice category. Over four preliminary rounds the teams contenting in the out rounds were decided. Glad to say that we qualified for the Novice Finals :). Regrettably though, couldn't get past that last mile.

Still, a great tournament and a great experience done with a great friend. Truly memorable and one put down into the books!

Till next time.



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