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POLEMIC' 2021 - Ramjas Debating Society

Heya, another week another blog and another debate. This time around was taking part as an adjudicator for the tournament. Not to say the least it was a fitting conclusion to a myriad week of opportunities, work, fun and what not. Swung over to a bookshop to pick up some books, went ahead and applied to multiple internships got a few responses and am joining something exciting next week! More on these at the end of the post :).

So, Polemic 2021, was organized by the Ramjas Debating Society over 18th June 2021 to 20th June 2021. In tournament topsy-turvy with delays of equity, and a bit of uncertainty it was definitely a fine weekend!

As an adjudicator it was great being able to judge various teams throughout the tournament and listen to some stellar material presented. Also as an event, had fun meeting new people as well.

The icing on the cake however was the breaks announcement. After the uncertainty over the few ways and some genuine doubt whether I could crack the code this time around, I was pleased that i qualified as a Breaking Adjudicator for the tournament. I chaired the Octafinals of the out rounds, and overall it was a great event!

Looking forward to my next tournament and my next experience.

Till next time.


If you want to read about the books that I got click here.

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