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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A Poem

Lost In a Déjà vu one day

I remembered scenes

Vivid in my memories

Of careless gaiety of a gone time

In the schedule of my daily life

I have forgotten what it is to feel life

In no sense may I

Seem to caress myself into saying goodbye

To the invading thoughts in my mind

Which in a sense showed me what it was

In a preceding time not that distant

Portraying me with a clearer essence

I was not as bound by shackles then

Which have crept up and surrounded my life

It is as such that I wish

That in all our deeds

Be it yours or mine

We bring back a sense of novelty

That childish innocence have

So as to free our selfish shackles

From the world

Of yours and mine

And of yet more becoming times.

Kaushik Das

12th of June 2017


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