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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In times of unprecedented need, the requirements and beliefs of many, and the perseverance and dedication of a few often turn the tables in favor of all.

Most of us all around the globe are currently holed up at home, without much to do, yet lots to worry about. At this point thoughts can’t be fulfilled with actions and there is definitely a gap between us all. Yet, even now it is necessary for us to abide by the way we all are abiding. Strengthen our resolve and have patience. This too shall pass, that is certain. What needs doing now is t,ofo keep strong for the few who are fighting the battles in the frontlines.

Be it the grocer keeping his shop open, to the healthcare worker who is tediously working extra long hours in a dangerous environment to protect us all and ensure that we all stay safe. An extra-ordinary need must be met by an extraordinary response and camaraderie. Essential elements of our life are still functioning, and we must stay within and keep doing what we do best.

Read that one book, watch that great movie, listen to that melodious tune. There is so much we can do even at our home (writing a blog perhaps!). The more we play a part by not venturing outside our homes the more we help the ones out there who need to be.

We shouldn’t cause stirs, where there isn’t any necessity to. We shouldn’t cause trouble where there is no need. At this moment of time, we can only win, with our own control and patience.

To support all those who are working in the hour of need in society, let us all play our part. Let’s engage sensibly in our activities, and do our bit to support our community and in turn our countries.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Be Well!

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