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The Day To Be

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A Poem

In the repetitious course of all lazy days

My mind went to frolick

With my eyes at a distant gaze

In the weary crevices

Of the huge labyrinth of my thoughts

I maneuvered into alleys

Of momentous thoughts

Of what is to be or not

And how it all comes about

Where preceding action

Seemingly or un-seemingly

Dictates and consolidates ;

Our all future actions to be

Where in my head this

I thought of events

Among countless others,

To be fore played on the ‘morrow

Yet whatever possibility lay ahead

The shear process and subsequent unknown

Is in itself a beauty to be

So whatever might the case be

The day to be is bound to be

In all its beauty and glory

In life or in death

The day to be is wonderful to me

Kaushik Das

28th of October 2017


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