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The Student Council at National Law University Odisha (2020-2021)

This is again a long overdue notification. I have been nominated by the administration to represent the 2018-2023 Batch as the (Male Representative) for the Student Council at NLUO, for the academic year 2020-2021. I have also been appointed to the post of Secretary at the Student council as well.

This post comes with it a sense of duty and responsibility. It also forbears a sense of requirements and actions that as a representative I am necessitated in carrying forward. I look forward to work for the student community at National Law University Odisha (NLUO) during this academic year, and for ensuring that the trust afforded in me by the students in this post is served justice. I look forward also to work with my fellow batch representatives from the different batches who have been elected/nominated to the student council as members for the academic year.

This year, a majority of us are faced with tough decisions and challenges for which the work done on behalf of the student body and the requirements and considerations to be made are essential in ensuring a smooth dialogue between the administration and the student body. Furthermore, as essential challenges and discussions begin within the student community it is the responsibility that I personally partake in and believe in that these issues and challenges are delivered justice and take up proper responses and measures towards to alleviate the concerns of the student body for which hope to work tirelessly towards to bring tangible change.

The remainder of the academic year is definitely gonna be one with differences and challenges, but with hope and persistence we can pull through and I believe that working towards a better future we can attain standards, results and persistent, persevere change.

Signing off,


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